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Johannah Rose Birney is a self-taught painter, multimedia and performance artist, and ritual designer on a quest to understand and expound upon the esoteric secrets held within circles. 

Through inquiry, experimentation, and dedication to reputation, she researches the simplicity of divinity.

Rooted in her home town of West Palm Beach after a decade of international travel and research residencies, she has returned to Florida to apply her multidisciplinary methods into focused form on the canvas.

Currently she is in residence at
EmKo Palm Beach.  

Johannah’s inspiration draws from a childhood shaped by a degenerative eye disease that brought her under the surgeon’s precise knife, which restored her sight.  Gifted with a second chance to see the world, her driving motivation is a desire to provide an experience in which the audience can look at a piece of art that is looking back at us with amazed grace.

Johannah’s artistic brilliance emerged through grief. Inspiration to paint came during her academic training as an environmental scientist and urban sociologist, which required her to face the pain of ongoing ecological and social collapse, and develop creative ways to be a constant source of evolving solutions. While studying at New College, the honors college of Florida, painting became an integral outlet to transform this knowledge into a platform to spark conversation on the science of peace.

Johannah prays life into every dot of every circle she has ever painted. Her prayers are for peace, for the cessation of suffering, for the regeneration of the world to its wholeness. 

Through her paintings, ritual design, and performance, Johannah creates experiential portals into a more beautiful world, and invites us to be co-creators in making Heaven on Earth manifest in our daily lives.