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that which is so universal as death must be a blessing…

Johannah Birney and Ganga Devi Braun both have carried decades long initiations into Death Service which brought them together into partnered ministry during the transitions of their own parents. Johannah's mother and Ganga Devi's father were both dying for a year and a half of aggressive cancers and both completed their deaths two weeks apart from one another. This uniquely shared experience brought forth great insight into the gifts and challenges of the hospicing process, and deeply motivated them to develop a ministry to ease, support, and make beautiful the experience of death not only for those who are leaving, but also for those who are staying in Life. 

They work closely with the dying and with their loved ones to bring everyone involved into a place of prayer and connection with the Divine, to allow this ritual and all rituals to come to maintain their connection to the Sacred. 

As hospice advocates, ritual creators, space holders, and ministers, Johannah and Ganga Devi are ready to support this most challenging time in anyone's life with ease and grace.

We begin the process through virtual consultations which are $120/hour, and depending on the needs, wishes, and prayers of all involved create the custom experience of ritual, advocacy, and care along with you. If you are interested in working with us in this way, please reach out through the contact form below.

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Johannah and Ganga Devi are both pursuing formal training as Death Doulas through Doorway Into Light.

Ganga Devi is currently enrolled in One Spirit Interspiritual Seminary. You can find her at