The work presented at Aqua Art Miami was a duo of imagined dragons. After reading the “The Sophia Code” by Kaia Ra, I was inspired to created a sculpture of mandalas that overlapped like scales of the dragon. Using Quartz and wire, each individual painted LP was wired onto a hoop. There are two sculptures, both of which are wired together using my practice hula hoops that I have used for years, training on the beach. The iridescent paints create a Mona Lisa sensation as the color of the paintings seem to change color before your eyes as you move through the space, changing from gold to white and white to blue.


She is my muse and her name is Amber. We started our kinship while sitting a ten day silent retreat at a Vipassana center and today she inspires my work with her divine mind. Moving into 2019, after performing together at Basel House 2018, I look forward to choreography and synchronicities that are to be captured on film. Until then, the video at the bottom of this page should bring your imagination a little closer.


“Climax Every Day” was filmed and created during the three days of installation of a mural entitled “Ram Ma” translation “God Mother”. Using the ancient language of Sanskrit, this mural was a collective effort of man hands. Deep gratitude goes out and in to all who gave their time and love.